Big Brand Ideas + AR: Blippar

We all love when bright ideas can be executed even better than imagined. The main question we tackle this March is how can we effectively leverage a big brand idea in the entire communication platform? If you’ve ever seen an online campaign and wished the products would just appear in front of you, I know a lot of consumers would greatly benefit from Blippar.  Known as the first image-recognition photo app with augmented reality experiences, it breaks down products from newspapers, prints, catalogues, and posters into advertising inspiration, bringing items to life on your phone.

It has even been externalized further by the definition ‘Blipp’ in the dictionary: ‘the action of instantaneously converting anything in the world into an interactive wow experience’. Media owners and companies have utilized the app to breathe life into their brands by elevating real-world images with augmented reality to provide comprehensive digital information while simultaneously offering interactive experiences for the user.

What are some ways to ‘blipp’ some brands? You can test the blipps for yourself here, see the videos here, and/or join the Facebook page here. If you would like to have the chance to use the Blippar app, just visit the download page here. Sounds exciting? Happy blippin’!