Brand Spaces: Delivering the Ultimate in Brand Experience for Fans

Nowadays, digital media has become the center of advertising, both literally and figuratively – where consumers come for one on one time with friends and brands actively engage with them. The ‘brand space’ demonstrates the importance and value of creating a special moment with consumers whether it is discovering a new product, evoking a certain feeling, or capturing special moments. Here are two brands that urged consumers and shaped their digital experiences into life.

Ford Fiesta is the best-selling car for fun and adventure, which is great news for trendy consumers, the target audience in Thailand who want cars that align with their goals and is an extension of their character and style. It was ideal to present the key features and position the Fiesta as the signature car for the coolest rider. With the powerful phrase, ‘Feel the difference’, the campaign portrays the well-engineered, easy to drive, and affordable sleek vehicle for the urban young professional who is on the ultimate journey, ‘Choose My Ride’, showcasing the action-packed and powerful design features of the Ford in an engaging space. Each player in the game must direct the celebrity’s every move and the strewn key features in the story line allowed followers to virtually experience driving the car. The Ford Fiesta equipped with its mean performance keeps the sense of freedom always alive for its fans. This ‘brand space’ encompassed all the key benefits of the Ford Fiesta for users while creating a certain presence about the brand and delivering the ultimate product experience through its exhilarating premiere of the “Choose my Ride” movie. Experience the movie here.

Axe Provoke needed to bring their angels to life with its campaign, ‘Even the Angels Will Fall’ in Thailand. To roll out its new campaign, Axe created the Axe iPhone application to induce conversation and spark excitement for Thai teenagers. The Axe application enabled users to track down a wide variety of angels in different spots around the city then capture and own a collection of angels in their phones. To bring across the message of bringing guys ‘closer to their dreams’, this inspired the location-based application linked to their Facebook. When a location hits 10,000 angels, Axe sends their angel promotional troop to the corresponding area to give away free samples and boost sales and generate trial. Axe users caught 1,500,000 angels sparking AXE’s next plan to unveil the biggest, sexiest, and much anticipated dreams-come-true themed event, a coveted VIP access to a secret party with Elly Tran, further proof that Axe brings guys closer to real angels. The campaign is an enabler in the best way possible for guys and the brand clearly knew what factors needed to come into play to empower guys within this creative ‘brand space’. As always, the ever sexy and predictable Axe, stayed true to their loyal fans where the angels made everything better for them. Download the application here.

Ultimately, the ‘brand space’ comes in handy for brands when passive advertising isn’t just going to cut it. Striking a good balance between the content and the consumer is of utmost importance and how seemingly simple insights are what make the space most meaningful to resonate with consumers.